Thor's Trail Notes - 1/04/2019

Thor's Trail Notes - 1/04/2019

It's official. It is Ground Hog Day. This was confirmed by Fedders. I'm not sure where the rest of the crew stands but I, at least, have hit that point that. I'm not sure what we did today. Did we do it yesterday or the day before? I'm pretty sure we drove North and ate lunch. But what did I have for lunch? I'm really not sure. I've had three trips to the incinolet tonight so this really is a pertinent question. First I thought I had leftover chicken and gravy and maybe that was it. No. Was it hamburgers? No, that was two days ago... maybe three. Cheese and crackers yeah that's what I had. But that would have helped plug me up if anything. So I'm not completely sure that is what I ate either.

I mean I even had an argument with the GPS tonight. I was trying to label the camp waypoint and it kept telling me that there was already a waypoint with that name. I was positive there wasn't and tried it three times. That's when I finally took a moment and zoomed way in and was able to see that, yes, in fact, I had already dropped and labeled a waypoint for this evening's camp. So yeah I'm beginning to lose track of time.

On the positive Ground Hog Day means that everyone is in the groove. Things have become routine. Wet, Lather, Rinse and Repeat. Eat, Drive, Fuel, Eat and Repeat. On the negative, this is when complacency will show its ugly teeth and nip you in the butt.

I have a plan for tomorrow to shake things up a little. At South+200 there is a fuel depot for the fixed-wing operations. Two tankers parked up on a berm. That berm is in rough shape. The tankers have done an excellent job at drifting in the snow. We'll stop there tomorrow. Pull the tankers off the berm reshape it and drag the tankers back up on top. Meanwhile, the mechanics are going to work on my tractor. The blower motor for my HVAC died and while I feel like I could make it to MCM without it the mechanics are adamant about fixing it.  They claim they're looking out for me and don't want the tractor hate to build when I overheat. I think they just don't want to see me driving shirt off in my underwear. Either way everyone will have a project for an hour or two tomorrow afternoon and hopefully, it helps to reset the clock a bit. 
Justin cooked Supper tonight. Chicken and Gravy (ah, I did have chicken and gravy today. I knew it) with Cheesy Cauliflower. And since he couldn't find Tater Tots he made Hash Browns instead. No Dessert... I think???

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