Thor's Trail Notes - 1/05/2019

Thor's Trail Notes - 1/05/2019

Ground Hog Day adverted. Well, this morning was unremarkable but this afternoon we had some projects. 

Kriete fixed the blower fan in my tractor so I have working climate control again. Yeah me. 

Josh reworked the fuel berm at South+200. The weather wasn't helpful and he had to do it in flat light. It's impossible to do any finish grade work when you don't have any ground definition. You end up doing it all by feel. It turns out Josh has a knack for feeling things out and the berm turned out pretty good. 

Justin and I worked on unburying a stack of fuel drums. They were mostly buried with only flags to indicate where the stack should start and end. Luckily we have tools. Justin had a chance to work on his crane operating skills. 

Francis and Kevin worked together to remove the tankers from the berm before Josh could do his snow work. While they had the tankers they pulled them over to our fuel load and topped them off. In total, they swallowed 2501 gallons. So much for having a bunch of extra fuel to pass onto Spot 3. 

Dinner tonight was a decent attempt at Shepard's Pie. I chopped up a bunch of pre-cooked hamburger patties, half an onion, frozen carrots and added some peas and used the leftover portabella mushroom gravy from Fedders meal the other night. Threw it all in a Hotdish, covered it with mashed potatoes then roasted it in the smoker.  There are no leftovers. I think I'll have to do that one again. 

P.S. Did you know that on the back of a bag of Halls cough suppressants under Other Information in small print it reads "excessive consumption may have a laxative effect"? Well, now you do. I had to learn the hard way. Feeling much better now.

Mileage today: 66
Remaining Miles: 315
Intentions: Head North. Stay Focused. Safety First. More Crosswords. Fuel Circle Dance Party. Breathe Dense Air. Pick up fuel. Got Harness? Drive Straight. Ground Hog Day. Fix Stuff.

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