Thor's Trail Notes - 1/06/2019

Thor's Trail Notes - 1/06/2019

Ugh, we drove today. Overcast, flat light, depressing day. It did snow for a while which was pretty. However, the fresh stuff just slows us down. Still, we made over 80 miles which is nice. Not much more to report other than I stayed up late last night hard boiling eggs. Brined them overnight and will be smoking them this evening. No, not like that. In the smoker. Smoked eggs. They're delicious. 

Dinner this evening was prepared by Josh. Roadkill Hamsters, Croquet Potatoes and a Broccoli and Carrot mix. Dessert was New York Brownie. 

Mileage today: 81
Remaining Miles: 234
Intentions: Head North. Stay Focused. Safety First. More Crosswords. Fuel Circle Dance Party. Breathe Dense Air. Pick up fuel. Got Harness? Drive Straight. Ground Hog Day. Fix Stuff. Ugh Drive.

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