Thor's Trail Notes - 1/08/2019

Thor's Trail Notes - 1/08/2019

I seriously cannot remember specifics about the weather today or the drive for that matter. It may have been sunny at one point, overcast and flat light at another. It's just a blur of snow and clouds and sometimes the sun.

Two things do stick out in my memory of today. We were visited by a pair of skua today (I don't know what's wrong with me but when I see more than one Skua flying around, with no food source in sight, I can't help but think "look one of them was smart enough to pack a lunch").

The other was that at one point the sky did clear up and we caught a glimpse of Mount Erebus. Fun Fact about Mount Erebus, it is the southernmost active volcano on this planet. 

Seeing Erebus always gets you excited to be back in town. But then something always happens and you just have to remember to stay calm and this too will pass. Today it was Kriete's tractor. He lost his alternator towards the end of the day. He had enough battery power to make it to camp but will not have enough to make it to MCM. We will be swapping out the alternator tomorrow morning. And while we're at it the mechanics are also going to change out Kevin's starter. It's been getting more finicky every time he tries to start it. These breakdowns actually happened at a fairly convenient time. We were already going to spend some time tomorrow transferring any extra fuel to Spot 3. This downtime in the morning will allow us to take our time and wait for Spot 3 to come to us. We'll get a chance to stage everything so they can pull up, fuel, and get right back on the trail. It will keep us from getting to MCM by tomorrow night but I've embraced this setback by comforting myself with now Fedders has to cook one more meal for us. He doesn't disappoint. At this moment he is prepping a ten-pound pork loin for roasting tomorrow. 

Dinner this evening was presented by Kevin. We had Chicken Enchiladas with sautéed green beans and cubed herbed potatoes. There was also an offering of seasoned beans and rice which Kevin claims were dessert. After five weeks on trail, I'm starting to believe he might not be joking about it being dessert.  The man does have a thing for beans and rice. 

Mileage today: 78 
Remaining Miles: 79
Intentions: Head North. Stay Focused. Safety First. More Crosswords. Fuel Circle Dance Party. Breathe Dense Air. Pick up fuel. Got Harness? Drive Straight. Ground Hog Day. Fix Stuff. Ugh Drive. Wildlife. Stay Calm. 

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