Thor's Trail Notes - 1/09/2019

Thor's Trail Notes - 1/09/2019

"It's all about tonight" ~T
This morning we had a slow start. The mechanics worked on changing out the alternator on Kriete's tractor and the starter on Kevin's tractor. The operators worked on marrying all our partial bladders of fuel together. Spot 3 made better time this morning than they had been doing and arrived at our campsite just as we were finishing up. We passed on as much fuel as they could haul. Roughly 2630 gallons. After the fuel transfer was finished Spot 3 did some shopping. They liberated us of any tuna, bacon and chicken marsala we had left. They were looking for corn dogs but the Boys finished them off the other day. They also took all our spare tow straps. They weren't kidding when they said they had a rough start yesterday. I guess they broke a few getting unstuck. We took the time to socialize and take a group photo.  After lunch, we headed north and for the first time in days had sunny skies and a warm sun. 

Made some miles and are camped within sight of the shear zone crew. We'll be meeting up with them tomorrow morning. We have been hailed on the radio and asked if they can take our welder. I don't know what broke but we are more than happy to help out. If you missed the earlier sitreps, there is a crew working to relocate the shear zone crossing. I believe they have over thirty crevasses to mitigate to make the route safe to cross with our convoy. 

Our last Supper did not disappoint. Fedders dry-rubbed and roasted a pork loin. He also whipped up some garlic butter mashed potatoes and spinach balls. Desert was Red Velvet Cake. I see he also pulled out some cinnamon sugar doughnuts to thaw. I will be having both for breakfast. I'm not looking forward to being back in MCM and having to eat normal breakfasts. Although my health is looking forward to me making better life decisions. 

Mileage today: 47
Remaining Miles: 32
Intentions: Head North. Stay Focused. Safety First. More Crosswords. Fuel Circle Dance Party. Breathe Dense Air. Pick up fuel. Got Harness? Drive Straight. Ground Hog Day. Fix Stuff. Ugh Drive. Wildlife. Stay Calm. Get Home.

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