Thor's Trail Notes - 11/28/2018

Thor's Trail Notes - 11/28/2018

Today Justin was updating the dry erase board header from Traverse 2017 to Traverse 2018 and used an Orange marker "2018 is a good year for Orange." He said.
It was another bright sunshiny day. With good ground definition. Traveled all day through snow drift features. Nothing compared to Sustrugi however enough to make you feel like you were on a boat with three foot swells all day. We took 1000 load check five minutes late today. This allowed us to stop next to the Tall Tower. Tall Tower is a 100+ft weather antenna with multiple weather stations at varying heights. A picture or two may have been taken.
By 1500 today Mt. Erebus and Minna Bluff faded over the northern horizon behind us.  This was the last we'll see of the continent for the next 3-4 days.
Currently, all you can see is snow in every direction. We are literally floating in the South Pacific. The ice shelf is roughly 1500 feet thick underneath us. Plenty thick to make it seem like terra firma yet it is floating on the water beneath.
At 1500 Load Check Kriete was is the process of   SQUIRREL!!!......
During Lunch today we had a moment of silence. It was a sad day. We realized that we forgot to pull our NZ Meat Pies from frozen storage. A Traverse without meat pies is just sad. Maybe we can distract SPoT 1 and steal some of theirs when we pass them on the plateau. On a brighter note, while stocking dry goods I made the comment "What the hell do we need 6 cases of noddle cups for? We need to take half of these back." Well folks, thank goodness the crew didn't listen to me and left all six cases. We polished off the first case already and now I'm worried we may not have enough to finish the trip. Don't worry though folks. We have plenty of food. The Boys may just have to move on to frozen pizza or cold cut sandwiches for lunch. How barbaric, I know, how will they survive?

Also at lunch today we took time to alert Flat Stanley as to where the first aid supplies are located. He inspected the first aid kit, the med kit, the AED and the two crevasse rescue kits located in separate locations. He approved of everything until we got to the eyewash stations. Flat Stanley did not approve of the location of the eyewash bottles so Fedders help Flat Stanley relocate them to a better location.
Fedders received the first nomination for a Gold Star today. Wasn't awarded, but nominated any the less. Our primary directive is to deliver fuel to the South Pole Station. Anything we can do to deliver more fuel is wonderful. Fedders idea is that we defuel Tiny Tiger (our half-sized fuel set painted orange with black tiger stripes) into our other fuel loads and send it north with SPoT 1 when we pass them. The idea is that if they tag it to one of the loads on SPoT 3, even if it only carries two bladders, that's another 6,000 gallons of fuel delivered. This is important because 6,000 gallons would free up two more LC-130 missions to the pole.
Allowing those mission to instead support other science around the continent. We'll need to crunch some numbers to see if we'll have space to transfer the fuel before we meet up with SPoT 1 but if we can Fedders will receive an especially shiny  Gold Star. Stand by for further updates involving Tiny Tiger.

Dinner this evening was prepared by Kriete. Tonight's feature was "Death by Cheese". Stouffers Meat and Cheese Lasagna with a side of Stouffer's Mac and Cheese followed by steamed broccoli with a Velveeta Cheese sauce. Dessert was a bowl of Extreme Cheese Doritos. I guess Kriete doesn't believe in Dessert either. I may have to change up the cooking rotation and separate him and Josh.
Mileage today: 59
Remaining Miles: 892
Intentions: Head South. Deliver fuel. Stay Positive.

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