Thor's Trail Notes - 11/29/2018

Thor's Trail Notes - 11/29/2018

Well, every day can't be sunny. Today we left camp in the middle of a fog bank. Not too thick. However, it was helpful when everyone turned their lights on. Wind direction switched and is now coming out of the North. Hopefully not bringing too much moist air from the coast.  The fog cleared up by lunch and flurries rolled in for an hour or two. Of course, now that we're parked for the night the sun is working its way through.


Trail conditions were smoother today. And I'm glad to report that the 4wide Greenland spreader bar load is no longer our heavy puller. It only took burning through 4000 gallons of fuel to make it happen. 4000 gallons at 6.8lbs per gallon makes a reduction of 27,200lbs. We took another 1500 gallons off it today for good measure. Hopefully, that will be the last we need to deal with that load. 

Day 4 and everyone has had a chance to use the Incinolet. What's an Incinolet you ask? Well as the company's slogan proclaims it's "That Electric Toilet!"

How does that work? Well, first there's a clamshell-like trap door that you line with a folded piece of wax paper. (FYI mentioned liners also work well as customizable party hats. Yes we find many ways to entertain ourselves) You do your business.

Stand-up first then step on the lever that activates the trapdoor and the package falls into the burn chamber. If the chamber has been pre-heated there is a chance of a flare-up. Hence the stand-up first instruction. Push the burn cycle button and walk away. It is very important to leave enough time between deposit and when the generators shut off for the day. You can imagine what a smoldering deposit can do to the module. 

The official book of SPoT 2 2018 is The New York Times Early Edition Crosswords edited by Will Shortz. We are glad to announce that the team has finished its first crossword puzzle of the journey. It took the dedication of the whole team. As Justin puts it "All the squares have letters in them and you don't look in the back even when you're finished unless you're a cheater like Josh."

This evening's meal was presented by Kevin. Kevin took us on an amazing tour of northern Africa. We enjoyed Moroccan Chicken over a bed of basmati rice accompanied by green beans sautéed in olive oil. Apparently, Kevin also refuses to believe in Dessert. To make things worst Justin announced that today is Day 1 of No Tractor Snacks. I'm at a loss as to what is happening.

Mileage today: 59
Remaining Miles: 833
Intentions: Head South. Deliver fuel. Stay Positive. Respect Safety. 

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