Thor's Trail Notes - 11/30/2018

Thor's Trail Notes - 11/30/2018

Day 2 of Justin's no tractor snacks self-will quest

The weather today continued to be overcast and foggy. Though we did have enough light to have ground definition until around 1500. Then things turned to flat light and it also started snowing. Conditions were just right that at 0900 the grills on the tractors began to frost over causing engine temperatures to rise to force us to stop and clear the grills. 

At lunch today (or "dinner" as Justin prefer we call it) we had to take care of a little issue. The crew was concerned that Josh was cheating again. Josh claims that he has changed his ways however he wasn't convincing enough in his testimony. We decided we would just engineer a solution. The action was taken and the back pages were forcibly removed and put under lock and key. 

In the process of removing these pages, an advertisement for crossword books was discovered. Justin says the next crossword book he purchases will be Crossword 'n Chill. I asked if that was like Netflix 'n Chill and he replied: "yes, but better because it's crosswords." 

This afternoon Flat Stanley traveled in my tractor with me.

We had all afternoon to converse. Flat Stanley is an interesting character. For as young as he is he has managed to travel the world. He told me that his flight down to McMurdo was the most unique plane ride he has ever taken. He pointed out that many people have traveled in C-130s however relatively few have had the opportunity to travel in an LC-130 and then land on a snow runway.

Landing on a snow runway requires skis for landing gear and is the main feature that differentiates an LC-130 from a standard C-130. Flat Stanley wanted to make sure I thanked Gavin Beckett from Illini Bluffs Elementary School for sending him on this adventure. Thanks, Gavin, Flat Stanley will continue to be a source of entertainment for us.

Day 5 and everyone has been warned that if they haven't taken a shower yet they best get to it. 

Cleaning up after Dinner this evening (or "supper" as Justin prefer we call it) we had a mechanical failure. In the process for doing dishes, the water pump ceased to function. The Kitchen quickly became a work zone. Kreite and Fedders methodically dissected the plumbing and Bibbity-Bobbity-Bop it was fixed. 

Speaking of Supper. Fedders put on a pot of coffee and whipped us up some breakfast for dinner. He utilized our propane smoker as an oven for increased cooking capacity. In the smoker, he baked us a delightful bacon and egg quiche. He also fried up some hash brown potatoes. Thankfully, Fedders redeemed my faith in humanity by believing in dessert. Not only does Fedders believe in dessert but he went all out and prepared dessert three ways. First was Chocolate Cake with a Chocolate Fudge Frosting. Followed by Peanut Butter Brownie Ice Cream to cleanse the palate. Closing with a from-scratch Cinnamon Sugar Dutch Baby. Not only was it sweet and buttery, but it also had a great mouthfeel. 

Mileage today: 59 
Remaining Miles: 774
Intentions: Head South. Deliver fuel. Stay Positive. Respect Safety. Heat the South Pole Station.

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