Thor's Trail Notes - 12/01/2018

Thor's Trail Notes - 12/01/2018

"Today is a Great Day to have a Great Day" -Shuttle Laura

Day 3 Justin and his trial of No Tractor Snacks

We woke up today to a snowy gray summer day. Yesterday's north wind brought enough moisture with it to snow all night accumulating roughly 1.5cm. Slow and low was the tempo of this morning's travel. Fresh snow tends to mess with us in numerous ways. I'll take it slowing us down over the wind picking up and it causing a whiteout. Overcast and little ground definition continued until 1100 when the clouds broke making a bluebird afternoon. 

If you talk long enough with anyone that has traversed before sooner or later you'll hear tell a story that begins; "That day when the snow was..." Then they'll struggle to explain the experience, getting flustered and eventually giving up. It'll go something like this. 

We had this snow. Big airy flakes. There was little wind so it was able to lay in this puffy cloud-like layer. Which is itself rare usually it just blows everywhere. No, here's the cool part. It was laying there with this texture and the light was shining in a way that I swear the snow was gray, a gunmetal gray it had a tinge of blue.

Then some flakes they were, well they were like dancing... no, no the sun made it look like there were diamonds. No, not diamonds. Crystals big shiny chandelier it was like, it was like there were fairies dancing across a field of gray heather. What? No. Not heather. Wait did I say Fairy? I didn't mean Fairy. I mean ahhhh never mind. 
We traverse peoples are not what you would call Wordologist.  

Confession. I lied about Flat Stanley talking to me about flying in the LC-130. Josh busted me in the morning meeting. I was reading the crew the sitrep from yesterday when Josh stopped me and called me out. I guess Flat Stanley flew on the C-17.

I had to confess to the crew I made it all up. But then what did we do all afternoon? Simply sitting there, staring at each other, that would have just been weird. We talked, just not about planes. We talked about Art, OK?

Flat Stanley is something of an aficionado for the craft of construction paper art. We talked about color, different weights of paper and how different adhesives can affect a project. We talked about origami and how folding paper can take a two-dimensional medium and transform it into three-dimensional art. By the way, Flat Stanley thinks origami is overrated, he prefers his construction paper two dimensional.  We talk a long time about the Glitter Bomb I found in my bunk on the first night.  Tobi and Tabi armed with nothing but construction paper, paints, random fabrics and a few gems from Skua (Skua is McMurdo's version of a thrift store) transformed my bunk into an explosion of pinks, purples, blues, flowers, boas, stuffed animals and even a tiara for extra sparkle. Flat Stanley approved of the girl's penmanship but thought that what really set off the installment was their parting words to me. You're not a Princess, you don't need saving. You're a Queen you got this... Thanks for the support Ladies. 

Kenney took us South of the Border for Supper. Along with a story or two about racing (and crashing) in Baja, he served up Chicken Cheese Enchiladas with sides of Spanish Rice and Cheesy Cauliflower Bake. Kenney followed the main course with a simple bowl Tin Roof Ice Cream. 

Mileage today: 64
Remaining Miles: 710

Intentions: Head South. Deliver fuel. Stay Positive. Respect Safety. Heat the South Pole. Laugh.


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