Thor's Trail Notes - 12/07/2018

Thor's Trail Notes - 12/07/2018

Day 9 No Tractor Snacks. His willpower if prodigious. Man, when I use a word like prodigious. I've been doing too many crosswords.
Beautiful driving day. Clear skies and tall mountains. Stopped at 1400 today to cache fuel for our return trip to McMurdo. Divided and conquered. This afternoon the crew worked to build us a berm large enough for the 5 wide Greenland spreader bar. Pull a Spot Tanker off one berm and move it to another. This tanker lives here and is an emergency fuel cache for aircraft operations. Mechanics worked on replacing a couple of track tension sensor that has been giving us faults. Everyone pitched in to transfer fuel between loads. 

We are lucky this preferred fuel cache location isn't any closer to McMurdo. After dropping the 5 wide spreader bar. We only have the capacity to haul 132,000 gallons as you can see from our fuel remaining numbers of 131,717 it was close. The next challenge is going to be pulling the hills leading up to the Leverett Glacier with the extra fuel. The Glacier itself shouldn't be a problem since we already tandem pull the loads because of the steeper gradient. 
Fedders utilized the extra time in the afternoon to prepare us a delightful meal. Scalloped Potatoes and Spinach Balls. The Star of the meal being a slowly roasted apple smoked beef tenderloin. Yes, Fedders believes in dessert. He believes so much we had a pre-dinner dessert of chocolate chip and M&M cookies. Then the traditional post-dinner dessert of a Belgium Slice. A Belgium Slice happens to be a New Zealand dessert that is basically a Christmas explosion in your mouth and it pairs well with morning coffee. 


Mileage today: 36
Remaining Miles: 368

Intentions: Head South. Deliver fuel. Stay Positive. Respect Safety. Heat the South Pole. Laugh. Crossword. Eat Well. Trail Maintenance. Bleach everything. Harness up. Cache Fuel.

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