Thor's Trail Notes - 12/08/2018

Thor's Trail Notes - 12/08/2018

Justin decided we needed to write Haikus today:
"CAT's Meow" won the selection for today's update

CATs prowl the ice shelf
Was flat but now steep grades met
Watch those kitties crawl

Day 10 No Tractor Snacks. Exceptional determination. 

Sunny warm morning. Temps cooling and wind increasing as we gained elevation. Climbed over 3000ft today. Not bad considering the extra cargo and fuel we're pulling. 
Tandem pulled the 4wide Greenland spreader bar load all day. Not surprisingly they didn't have any problem pulling the hills. However, Francis's blade CAT did have a ghost this afternoon. The tilt function on the blade decided to tilt to the right all on its own. Mechanics are looking into performing an exorcism. The toolshed/food storage/cargo/tiny tiger load was the only one that needed a pull up the steeper grades today. 

We were able to stop at waypoint LOO for 1000 load check. Everyone signed the waypoint post and we took a picture. LOO marks the end of the ice shelf and the beginning of the continent. This also is the beginning of the Leverett Glacier from this point on we start to gain significant elevation. 

There are times while driving across the ice shelf where the ice goes on forever in all directions and leaves you with a sense that you're driving around in the bottom of a huge bowl. Well, much of the driving the last couple of days has not been an illusion. We have in fact been driving in the trough of huge waves of ice. During the traverse proof of concept, the first thought that driving on the crest of the "wave" would be the way to navigate. They soon discovered that the convex curve at the top is stressed apart creating crevasses. Whereas the troughs of the "waves" are compressed together leaving the surface relatively free of crevasses. The troughs can still develop crevasses however they start from way down deep and work up to the surface. On the crest, they develop at the surface and open from the top down. 

Supper was arranged by Kevin this evening. An appetizer of a fresh can of Kalamata olives. Followed by a wonderful Stouffer's Meat and Cheese Lasagna accompanied by NZ potatoes and Italian blend vegetables. Kevin has decided that yes is fact dessert does exist and graced the table with two cheesecakes. Sadly there are no leftover slices of cheesecake for breakfast.

Mileage today: 43
Remaining Miles: 325 

Intentions: Head South. Deliver fuel. Stay Positive. Respect Safety. Heat the South Pole. Laugh. Crossword. Eat Well. Trail Maintenance. Bleach everything. Harness up. Cache Fuel. Haiku. 

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