Thor's Trail Notes - 12/10/2018

Thor's Trail Notes - 12/10/2018

"Today me will live in the moment unless it's unpleasant then me will eat cookie!" ~Cookie Monster

Justin says it's Nickelback Monday. 
I'll admit I did listen to one Nickelback song today to appease him. I wonder if that's how he keeps himself from indulging in tractor snacks.  The guy's willpower is unbelievable. I mean we even peer pressured him into taking a Snickers into the tractor with him and he still has the Snickers.

I got busted making things up again. I didn't realize Fedder's Haiku had a title so I made one up. I was corrected in the morning meeting. It should have read.

"Juice Box Deception"
Just Juice labeling
isn't very accurate
mostly apple base

Today's Haiku
"Doctor's Orders" by Kevin

Pee in a bottle
No less than six times
Do not overfill

Well, this morning at camp was windy and sunny. However less than a mile down the trail you could see the wall of blowing snow. At least we were able to break camp and get lined up and moving before it was lights on and driving by GPS. Most of the morning wasn't too bad. We still had enough ground definition to follow Spot 1 tracks. Flags would appear out of nowhere about 100ft out front. After lunch things got worse. Ground definition went away and you just have to trust the GPS. The rest of the convoy still had plenty of visibility to see the tractor and load in front of them. So it became a game of following the leader. It's an experience to spend an afternoon staring at a GPS and waiting for the next flag to appear. You're surprised every time even when you're confident you're on route. The catcher is when there's a flag missing and you start to question yourself. I should have seen a flag by now. Do I stop? No, the GPS says I'm on track. But where's the flag. Ok, that one is just missing. Just wait for the next one. But how long has it been maybe I should have seen that one by now also... and then Surprise flag right where it's supposed to be. I won't even begin to talk about when two flags in a row are missing. And the guys wonder why I get touchy about running flags over.

Overall it was a great first day on the Plateau. Things change up here. Thin air doesn't only affect us. The tractors struggle also. Just as we were getting into a routine we need to change some things up. It'll take a few days and we'll be running smooth. 

May/should run into Spot 1 tomorrow. We may even be able to camp in the same spot. Fingers crossed. It's always nice to see fresh faces (and also have an opportunity to steal some meat pies). 

Francis prepared dinner. Moroccan Chicken and Rice with a pepper and onion veggie mix. He made sure he had a dessert, Red Velvet cake with Tin Roof Ice Cream. 

The weather is forecasted to be much of the same. I'm going to rest my eyes for another day of this. 

Mileage today: 49
Remaining Miles: 245

Intentions: Head South. Deliver fuel. Stay Positive. Respect Safety. Heat the South Pole. Laugh. Crossword. Eat Well. Trail Maintenance. Bleach everything. Harness up. Cache Fuel. Haiku. Flag the Leverett. Drive by GPS.

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