Thor's Trail Notes - 12/13/2018

Thor's Trail Notes - 12/13/2018

"Just because you live in a garbage can doesn't mean you're trash" ~Oscar the Grouch

Day 15 No Tractor Snacks

Today's Haiku was inspired by Fedders failing to take a shower last night due to frozen water lines. 

"Trail Shower" by Thor

Shovel that snow well
For you definitely stink
Pits sack crack scrub now

Today was groundhog day. More of the same driving conditions and terrain. The morning started with sunny skies, by 10:00 it had clouded over and by lunch, it was down to one flag at a time. This afternoon had periods of no visibility. More wind and blowing snow.

Overall it was an uneventful day. Made miles and didn't break anything. 
The most exciting thing that happened today was Josh unpacked the deep fryer. Dinner was a success. Deep fried goodness and so far no hot oil burns or spills. Josh dropped some boneless chicken wings in the fryer. Whipped up a Buffalo Wing Sauce. Baked some mac and cheese. And added some steamed broccoli to the plates for something healthy. It was a hit. There were enough wings for two meals...there are no leftovers. This is the first fried food we've had in weeks. There was the talk of deep frying Snickers and Oreos but the consensus was we probably did enough damage to our digestive tracts for one night. 

The water line is thawed and there is currently a line three deep for a shower. I'd like to think my Haiku is partially responsible. 

Mileage today: 53
Remaining Miles: 141

Intentions: Head South. Deliver fuel. Stay Positive. Respect Safety. Heat the South Pole. Laugh. Crossword. Eat Well. Trail Maintenance. Bleach everything. Harness up. Cache Fuel. Haiku. Flag the Leverett. Drive by GPS. Fix stuff. Transfer Fuel. Deep fry stuff.

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