Thor's Trail Notes - 12/14/2018

Thor's Trail Notes - 12/14/2018

"Just because you're trash doesn't mean you can't do great things. It's called a garbage Can not garbage cannot." ~Oscar

Day 16 No Tractor Snacks

"Goodbye Kenny" by Flat Stanley

Fare thee well Kenny
Camaraderie we miss
More dessert for me

This morning threatened to be Ground Hog Day again. Overcast, foggy and flat light conditions. We stopped for lunch in a light fog. However, leaving the module after lunch the fog had left and we could see a camp down the trail. It was no longer Ground Hog Day. It took us about 45min to reach the camp. When you come across a camp you're never sure if the camp will be awake and willing to visit or if they're sound asleep and you're about to give them a rude awakening rumbling by. 
There is no time zone for Antarctica. It's up to individual expeditions to decide how they want to handle time. For example, McMurdo runs on New Zealand time since that is where our air support comes from. The South Pole Station also runs on New Zealand time since their support comes through McMurdo Station. However, Palmer Station runs on the time zone for Argentina because that is where their support comes from. 

Well, as we approached there was a crew outside waiting to greet us. There was waving, photos and dancing (I think they call that move flossing). We debated between Sunday Brunch at the South Pole or building international relationships. Since we are good stewards of our government we decided to build relations. I made that up. We stopped because duh Arctic Trucks are awesome. That and you don't get many chances to share comradery with other Antarctica explorers. Arctic Trucks is a company based in Iceland that custom builds these glacier eating trucks. This year they are the outfitters for a crew from Gamania that are traversing the continent on XC skis and one Tricycle. I'm told that Gamania is an online role-playing game. I'd never heard of it but we got the chance to meet the creator and his friends. After trading handshakes and giving each other tours of our respective camps, we took a group picture and headed on our way. 

Here's a compressed version of our interactions; Introductions and handshakes Tour of Arctic Truck camp Rides in an Arctic Truck Tour of Spot 2 camp Highlights included the incinolet, shower, washer, all the not dehydrated food, a few joked about becoming stow-a-ways and hiding in Faulty Towers.
Bladder surfing
Tour of Francis's Tractor (many compliments on the smell of his tractor. Thank you Little Trees) Group Photo

Supper was prepared by Kriete. Roast Turkey with Cranberries, Stuffing and Roast Pumpkin. New Zealand Fudge for dessert. What makes it New Zealand fudge? It has sultanas in it (sultana is Kiwi speak for raisin) don't question it. It's delicious and pairs well with morning coffee. 

Mileage today: 49
Remaining Miles: 92

Intentions: Head South. Deliver fuel. Stay Positive. Respect Safety. Heat the South Pole. Laugh. Crossword. Eat Well. Trail Maintenance. Bleach everything. Harness up. Cache Fuel. Haiku. Flag the Leverett. Drive by GPS. Fix stuff. Transfer Fuel. Deep fry stuff. Build International Relations. 

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