Thor's Trail Notes - 12/29/18

Thor's Trail Notes - 12/29/18

Weather, not bad in the morning. Sunny and calm. Spent the morning driving to that wall of clouds. Reached those clouds by lunch and shortly after driving conditions when to flat light. Thank goodness we passed the majority of the sastrugi before we lost the light. If you can see them at least you can brace. Dropping off the back of a four-foot drift without warning es no Bueno.

Speaking of sastrugi. This morning I had a case of the tractor angries with a helping of tractor hate. Little sleep last night combined with a sore body from bouncing over sastrugi all day left me a little moody. Didn't help that I dropped off one of those four-footers within the first mile of the trail today. Getting Gut Checked by the seat belt was bad enough. Then my thermos hit the floor and rolled out of reach under the jump seat. Took a while to get out of the funk. By Lunch, I was doing much better. Retrieving that travel mug and indulging in some chocolate helped immensely. 

After lunch tractor 291 didn't want to start. All it took was Kriete hitting the starter with a big wrench. That's one of my favorite moves, hitting things to fix them. However, when I do it I always bellow "THOR SMASH."

We had one other time out today for fixes. Faulty Towers tried to make a break for it again. BAD Faulty! This time the straps were fine. However, those straps decided to pull out the lag bolts fastening the D-rings to the deck of Faulty. Didn't take too long. Josh and Kriete came up the line and gave me a hand repositioning and replacing the D-rings. Took about 15 minutes and we were rolling again.

Dinner tonight was Shells and Cheese with Meatballs and Egg Noodles.  Sautéed Spinach Balls and Buttered Dinner Rolls.  Dessert was Strawberry Cheesecake. I was the cook tonight.

Mileage today: 57
Remaining Miles: 796
Intentions: Head North. Stay Focused. Safety First. More Crosswords.

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