Thor's Trail Notes - 12/31/2018

Thor's Trail Notes - 12/31/2018

Downhill Monday 

“Put it in Rabbit and let ‘er Eat” ~Justin

Ahh, we made it down the Leverett today and everyone is literally breathing easier. Weather held off this morning and we were able to enjoy the scenery. Shortly after making the turn past Mt. Beazley the clouds began to lower over the top of the mountain peaks. Hopefully, the weather stays up and away so we can keep enjoying the scenery.

Everyone is enjoying the warmer temps down here. 1 degree from experiencing above freezing temperatures since deploying from NZ. The tractors are also enjoying the warmer temps and thicker air.

Leverett day is always a nice break from the routine. The need to tandem pull loads gives you a chance to converse with a teammate throughout the section. Break times get adjusted to align with stopping points. You may have the chance to pull someone else’s load. A drastic change in weather and air. Heck, there’s mountains to look at again. All this makes the day go by quickly. 

Fedders hosted a New Year’s Dance Party at the Fuel Circle this evening. Yes, in fact, Fedders does dance and quite well. No, we have yet to capture video of this elusive beast in the act. We may have to resort to trail cameras. Although I’m not quite sure how we’ll camouflage them.

Dinner was prepared by Kriete this evening. Grilled NZ Beef Steaks with Herbed Cubed Potatoes. He got away without making a dessert since we still have leftovers from the last four nights. There is still chocolate cake, Belgium slice, strawberry cheesecake, and New York brownie. Everyone seems to be slowing down on the sweets. Makes me wonder who they’re trying to slim up for back in McMurdo???

Mileage today: 64

Remaining Miles: 679

Intentions: Head North. Stay Focused. Safety First. More Crosswords. Fuel Circle Dance Party. Breathe Dense Air.

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