Thor's Trail Notes - 11/27/2018

Thor's Trail Notes - 11/27/2018

Justin welcomes everyone to Positive Tuesday. He says "It was a good day to work outside. Positively beautiful."

Second day in a row with clear sunny skies. The brightness can be intense. Overheard the conversation today -My sunglasses just don't seem to be dark enough. 
-Seem pretty dark to me.
-Bought the darkest ones in the store.
-Try wearing your goggles over your glasses -Yeah that might work 

We had a number of opportunities to work outside today
.       Justin and Kevin did some fancy rope work to repair a bladder net that failed
.       Kreite replaced the GPS mounting bracket in tractor 305
.       Kenny replaced the track tension sensor harness on tractor 314
.       Justin replaced the Heater Fan on tractor 312
.       Although not outside Fedders did a 250hr PM on Generator 1 

We stop three times a day to check on our loads. During this time the crew inspects straps, nets, clevises, welds, bladders for weeps/leaks. It's also a good time to do some calisthenics. Stretches, pushups, sit-ups, funny dances, really anything to get your heart rate up helps to keep the tiredness of driving at bay. Francis decided to show us all up and go for a solid .5 mile run during the 10:00 load check (We'll not mention it was to get the water bottle he forgot in his bunk). Josh claims Flat Stanley helped him drive today while he took a tractor nap but I don't think he's heavy enough to turn the steering wheel. I think he just helps kept him awake by telling him all about his journey to McMurdo in the mail. 

This morning we passed waypoint marker Z-11JW which marks the beginning of the end of turns for the next 500 miles. You would think that in the middle of the Ross Ice Shelf you wouldn't have to worry about traffic. Well, you would be wrong. SALSA Traverse, a science research traverse, which is also headed south on our trail caught up to us today and needed to pass.  Thankfully we had a good long straight stretch with plenty of room for them to pass. It's always a surreal experience running into other groups in the middle of nowhere. Steve Z threw gifts of macramé zipper pulls at us when he passed while we threw snowballs at him. Godspeed SALSA stays safe.

Dinner tonight was prepared by Josh. It was a delicate meal of Roadkill Hamsters, Duchess Potatoes and Steamed Broccoli. Josh doesn't believe in dessert. 
(FYI Breaded Chicken Cordon Bleu tends to be in a loaf shape and resemble a hamster. Our Cordon Bleu comes from NZ and is formed into more of a patty shape hence the Roadkill Hamsters)
Mileage today: 49
Remaining Miles: 951
Intentions: Head South. Deliver fuel. 

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